Mentoring Committee

In 1996, WFDC created the first mentoring program for women faculty using senior women advising junior women. This was a very successful program. With time, more departments and divisions have paid attention to the value of mentoring and have created wonderful programs for all faculty. The Faculty Affairs Office continues to match advisors with younger faculty who need career or specific mentoring. The following article describes our program.

AAMC Spotlight article on the UAMS WFDC Mentoring Program

The mentoring committee plans and develops a monthly faculty development/mentoring discussion series that is broadcast from either UAMS or ACH and participating AHECS. To access previous presentations, go to
The Committee also plans special “networking” events with children to help junior faculty become acclimated and increase interdepartmental associations.


Mayumi Nakagawa, M.D., Ph.D., Chair
Karen Abbott, Ph.D.
Beatrice Boateng, Ph.D.
Carrie M. Brown, M.D.
Aime Franco, Ph.D.
Fusun Kilic, Ph.D.
Jill Mhyre, M.D.
Abby Nolder, M.D.
Snehalata Pawar, Ph.D.
Amy Seay, Ph.D.
Wendy Ward, Ph.D.

Professional Development Day Committee

The Women’s Caucus sponsors the Annual Professional Development Day in the fall to provide all faculty members the opportunity to develop and update their management and leadership skills. This committee also sponsors 1/2 of the cost for one woman to attend the AAMC Junior and Mid-Career Professional Development Meetings. We are happy to take your suggestions for topics and additional membership.


Susan Barr, M.D., Chair
Jennifer Aunspaugh, M.D.
Melissa Efurd, Ed.D., M.S.
Laura Gonzalez-Krellwitz, M.D.
Jill Irby, M.D.
Ginell Post, M.D., Ph.D.
Sara Shalin, M.D., Ph.D.
Kandi Stallings-Archer, M.D.
Sara Tariq, M.D.
Ozlem Tulunay Ugur, M.D.
Brandi Whitaker, M.D.

Publications Committee

The publications committee creates and edits theannual Absolutely Unofficial Faculty Handbook or otherwise known as “FIGS” for Fill in the Gaps. Now in its 17th edition, FIGS provides a practical introduction to Little Rock, central Arkansas and the UAMS campus. It serves as reference handbook for all new UAMS faculty, housestaff, administrative staff and recruits. While FIGS offers resources about the history of Arkansas, community and cultural events, as well as practical every day “know how” information, it is also an invaluable guide for UAMS resources.

Other committee responsibilities include publication of the WFDC information brochure as well as periodic contributions to campus publications to highlight Caucus work and events.


Molly Gathright, M.D., Chair
Jennifer Aunspaugh, M.D.
Debra Boddington, MLS
Valerie Howard, MSIS
Page Moore, Ph.D.

Research Committee

The Research Committee hosts several activities during the academic year to support young women scientists at UAMS. The committee coordinates a mentoring program for postdoctoral fellows, locates speakers for seminars and panel discussions, and hosts luncheons that foster discussions and mentoring opportunities between Faculty members, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Please contact Dr. Aykin-Burns or Dr. Fuhrman for more information.


Nukhet Aykin-Burns, Ph.D., Co-Chair
Barbara Fuhrman, Ph.D., Co-Chair
Helen Benes, Ph.D.
Marjan Boerma, Ph.D.
Fusun Kilic, Ph.D.
Andrea Moerman-Herzog, Ph.D.
Mayumi Nakagawa, M.D., Ph.D.
Burcu Ozdemir, M.D.
Nirmala Parajuli, Ph.D.
Snehalata Pawar, Ph.D.
Susan Steelman, MLIS
Kristen Sterba, Ph.D.
Taren Swindle, Ph.D.
Jasna Vuk, Ph.D.
Patty Wight, Ph.D.
Patricia Wright, Ph.D., MPH, R.N.

Salary Equity Committee

This committee meets every five years to collect and analyze salary data within departments for men and women. In the past 20 years, three studies have been collected. Due to improved data collection, the current study will provide more accurate information.


Mary Aitken, M.D., Chair
Dana Gaddy, Ph.D.

Women in Training Committee (WIT)

The WIT Committee’s focus is on mentoring medical students and residents. The Committee plans an annual event: either a residency fair or specialty choice discussion event for M2 – M3 students in the winter or spring, depending on feedback of students. The multispecialty event features a panel of primary care physicians during the first hour and a contingency of specialists and sub-specialists holding signs that students can easily locate and target for individual and small group questions. This event is focused on lifestyle and specialty choice. Community and academic physicians address students’ concerns about making that specialty choice, call schedule, family time, residency, practice-based questions, and financial return.

Committee members host a welcome lunch for incoming freshmen women and greet residents at Housestaff orientation in June. WIT advises and supports the American Medical Women’s Association student group, a very strong group of young women who are engaged in community and campus projects. Women Faculty also host two social events for AMWA students – an ice cream social in the fall and a spring potluck.

Women faculty and AMWA students participate in the Arkansas Women’s Foundation event, Girls of Promise, designed to encourage eighth grade girls from around the state to stay interested in science and math. Speakers show and discuss what your career can look like if you continue to do well.


Alice Alexander, M.D., Co-Chair
Sallie Oliphant, M.D., Co-Chair
Rachel Clingenpeel, M.D.
Allison Gizinski, M.D.
Laura A. Gonzalez-Krellwitz, M.D.
Jennifer Laudadio, M.D.
Kristen Lienhart, M.D.
LeeAnn Linam, M.D.
Jessica Moore, M.D.
Eylem Ocal, M.D.
Roopa Ram, M.D.
Laura Sisterhen, M.D.
Kandi Stallings-Archer, M.D.