(last updated 9/17/2015)

Purpose:  The Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) has the responsibility for monitoring and advising on all aspects of residency education.  The responsibilities of the committee include establishing and implementing policies that affect residency programs; maintaining appropriate oversight of and liaison with program directors; regular review of all accredited residency programs, assuring the educational environment in which residents may  raise and resolve issues of concern; collecting intra-institutional information and making recommendations on the appropriate funding for resident positions, including benefits and support services; monitoring the programs for appropriate work environment and duty hours; and assuring that the residents curriculum provides a regular review of required core topics.  The committee reports primarily to the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and secondarily to the Dean.


  • Frederick Bentley, M.D.


  • Jennifer Aunspaugh, M.D.
  • Chris Cargile, M.D.
  • James Clardy, M.D.
  • Jayant Deshpande, M.D.
  • Hank Farrar, M.D.
  • Sarah Harrington, M.D.
  • Jerry Kelley, M.D.
  • Nihit Kumar, M.D.
  • Kathy Lease
  • Jennifer McCarty, M.D.
  • Dwana McKay
  • Stephen Mette, M.D.
  • Walter Metzer, M.D.
  • Ann Norwood
  • Mark Phan, M.D.
  • Paula Podrazik, M.D.
  • Rawle Seupaul, M.D.
  • Eugene Smith, M.D.
  • Carol Thrush
  • Keyur Vyas, M.D.
  • Samuel Welch, M.D.
  • Jennifer White