Women’s Faculty Development Caucus


The Women’s Caucus was founded in 1989 as a professional development and mentoring program to help women advance their career and assume leadership positions. The co-founders were Debra H. Fiser, MD and Teresita Angtuaco, MD, Professor of Radiology.  Both are previous winners of the Outstanding Woman Faculty Award.

Our professional development efforts have resulted in an expanding organization that addresses the needs of all UAMS faculty members.  We provide leadership training, mentoring/advising, faculty handbook publications, faculty development, and networking opportunities.  The Caucus Committees, lead by rotating chairs and co-chairs, are pathways to leadership and provide the energy and effort behind WFDC activities.  If you are interested in serving on a committee, let us know.

The Caucus Officers are elected every two years from Executive Committee membership.  They lead and guide the collective work of the Caucus Committees. The officers attend and advise the WFDC Executive Committee which consists of past presidents and committee co-chairs.  If you want to serve on a committee, please contact one of the officers or Brenda Burks (501-526-4685).


Laura Sisterhen, M.D.
Molly Gathright, M.D.
Susan Barr, M.D.
Jill Fussell, M.D.
AAMC GWIMS Representitive


 **UAMS WFDC Facebook Policy**

If you need help finding us, send an e-mail containing your Facebook Profile Name to Emily Freeman, and she’ll send you a friend request from the UAMS WFDC account.