Resident For-Cause Drug Testing Procedure


1. The program director or department chair should consult UAMS policy 3.1.14 found at, and GME Committee policy 2.300 Physician Impairment – fatigue or substances. The UAMS policy states that the department head has authority to direct a for cause drug screen. In the case of a resident, this person is the department chair, the service chief or another senior faculty member who acts as the designee (e.g. training program director).

2. Normally, requests for “for cause” drug screens shall be made by the department head or his/her designee (UAMS policy 3.1.14).

3. The department chair or the program director may contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at 686-2588 (24-hour answering service) for questions or assistance.

4. It is the responsibility of the program director to ensure that a member of the Medical Staff Health Committee is notified by calling during or immediately after arranging the for cause testing. The Medical Staff  Health Committee can assist program directors with advice about further evaluation, treatment, advocacy and relevant other policies.

5. Residency/Fellowship programs based at Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH): During regular work hours, the department chair or program director should contact the ACH Chair of the Medical Staff Health Committee, Dr. Greg Sharp (O 405-1850, b 405-6144); the ACH Medical Director, Dr. Bob Morrow (O 364-1401, b 405-4568); the Associate Medical Director, Dr. Jay Deshpande (O 364-8006, b 405-4986); or the Medical Staff Administration Director, Becky Foor, (O 364-7548), who will contact a member of the Medical Staff Health Committee.   After hours, the Administrator on Call should be notified.  The Administrator on Call will notify the Medical Director (or designee) or the Chair of the Medical Staff Health Committee. ACH Drug Testing Policy

6. Residency/Fellowship  programs not based at ACH: The department chair or program director should follow the procedure.

  • The program director completes the attached Authorization Form for drug testing and faxes it to both the Office of Human Resources and the AML Lab. Instructions and numbers are on the form.
  • The AML 10 panel includes: amphetamine & methamphetamine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine metabolites, methadone, methaqualone, opiates- codeine & morphine, propoxyphene, PCP, THC. If there is reason to believe the testing should be done for other substances, list those in the space noted “other”. Alcohol is a separate screen. Order a “split sample”.
  • The resident must be escorted by campus police or a faculty member to the AML/Baptist Rehabilitation Institute Medical Towers II lab during working hours or Baptist Medical Center lab after hours. The resident must supply a photo ID to the lab (driver’s license or hospital ID badge).

UAMS Medical Staff Health Committee Members: 

Michael Mancino, MD; Chairman,  686-9630
Danny Wilkerson, MD,   686-6119
Deidre Wyrick, MD,  686-6627
Forrest “Bernie” Miller, MD   562-4838
Robert Lavender, MD,   686-5236
Heather Chapman-Henry, LCSW
Kent Westbrook, MD,   686-5987
Jim Clardy, MD,   296-1159
Matthew Spond, MD
Mark Hagemeier, JD, 686-2513
Greg Sharp, MD,    364-1850