COM Glossary

APC – Amended Payroll Certification.  Whenever the Department Business Officer cannot process payroll adjustments directly through SAP (postings cross fiscal years or an error occurred in SAP), an APC form is used to transfer salary and fringe expenses.

Aria – Automated Research Information Administrator.  The overall objective of ARIA is to provide an integrated environment for the exchange of information from ORSP, IRB, Office for Clinical Trials, Animals, Biosafety, and Laboratory for UAMS campus-wide research. ARIA is designed to be a major component of a comprehensive solution for the information technology needs of administrators, researchers, and institutions while maintaining an emphasis on compliance with regulatory requirements. Through implementation of ARIA, researchers will be provided a supporting infrastructure to continue their mission to engage in activities that improve the health and well-being of people and animals.

Clinical RVW FTE – Calculated percent of time of a faculty FTE that is designated for performing billable clinical hours.

CMTS – Contract Management & Tracking System.  The CMTS electronically tracks UAMS contracts and agreements from inception through internal review process to final signature approval, providing contract status information throughout all approval phases. The overall objective of the CMTS is to provide summarized billing and payment transaction history of contracts — individually, by department, or by division.

COI – Conflict of Interest.  A conflict of interest is defined as a divergence of interests away from professional obligations to the Institution or to external sponsors of research or other activities toward an individual’s private or personal interests. Under these conditions, an unbiased observer would find it difficult to determine whether the individual’s professional actions or deeds are determined by personal considerations of gain, financial or otherwise not in the best interest of the Institution and sponsor.

CUMG – Children’s University Medical Group.  Section of FGPB that handles charges and collections for COM providers who practice at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

EIS – Executive Information Systems.  Database for various clinical scorecards and dashboards.

ESS – Employee Self Service.  ESS is available for employee use to be able to access and change their personal data.  Examples of changeable data include: Address, Phone numbers, Emergency contacts, W-4 information, Banking (i.e., direct deposit) information.  Other information can be reviewed online, such as: Paycheck inquiries (both current and in the past), Benefits participation overview, Accrued vacation and sick leave hours.

FacFacts – Faculty Facts (FacFacts) is a campus-wide faculty database. This central data repository will contain faculty information such as demographics, contact information, academic appointments and tenure status, curriculum vitae, planned time and effort distribution, and professional interests. FacFacts enables faculty members and college/department administrators to view, update, and report faculty information seamlessly, within carefully determined and controlled parameters of personal privacy.  FacFacts will improve the quality of the recorded data and the integrity of the reports generated from this database.

FFTA – The Foundation Funds Tracking Administration System will track and report the status of foundation accounts from initial department request through approval of the account.

FGP – Faculty Group Practice. The FGP is the organization that supports the clinical practice for the faculty of the UAMS College of Medicine. Dean Fiser chairs the FGP Executive Committee and Board, and Dr. Smith serves as the FGP Director and day to day coordinator of operations. Paula White, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration is responsible for the billing and financial reporting for the FGP.

FGPB – Faculty Group Practice Billing.  FGPB’s mission is to efficiently collect and distribute all monies to which we are legally and contractually entitled on behalf of the UAMS Faculty; to regularly provide charge and collection data to the billing departments to assist in their practice management; to maintain a respectful and professional relationship with our customers, clients and vendors at all times.

FTE – Full-time equivalent.  A unit that indicates the workload of an employed person in a way that makes workloads comparable across various contexts. FTE is often used to measure a worker’s involvement in a project, or to track cost reductions in an organization. An FTE of 1.0 means that the person is equivalent to a full-time employee, while an FTE of 0.5 signals that the employee is only half-time.

GBA – Group on Business Affairs.  The GBA is made up of the Department Administrators in the College of Medicine at UAMS.

IRB – The Institutional Review Board of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences  comprises four separate committees of healthcare providers from a variety of disciplines and lay representatives from the at-large community. The IRB has the authority to approve, disapprove, or require modifications of research activities that fall within its jurisdiction. In addition, the IRB may work in conjunction with other university or institutional committees; however, it reviews research projects independently based upon the principle that human participants will be adequately protected.

JFR – Justification for Recruitment.  An internal system used for processing faculty recruitment and other appointment actions.

MCPG – Medical College Physicians Group.  Section of FGPB that handles UAMS charges and collections based at University Hospital.

ORSP – The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.  ORSP supports faculty in acquiring, performing and administering externally funded programs and projects.

PCQ – Position Classification Questionnaire.  The purpose of the PCQ is to describe the proposed job duties and responsibilities of a new position, or to describe the current job duties and responsibilities of an existing position.

RSC – Research Support Center.  The Research Support Center of UAMS provides support for the planning, conduct, and monitoring of human and animal research studies.

RVW – Work RVU, or Work Relative Value Unit.  Each CPT Code is assigned a value based on the relative level of time, skill, training and intensity to provide a given service.

SAP – SAP is an enterprise resource management system designed to integrate organizational resources in the financial, human resources and materials arenas. It allows us to share data between administrative areas rather than having separate software for each function. SAP is in use to support the central administrative functions at UAMS.  Module categories implemented include Finance, Human Resources and Materials Management.

TRACKS – Total Research and Compliance Knowledge System.  This site allows individuals to complete their annual Faculty Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure forms.

URM – Under-represented Minorities (African American, Native American, and Hispanic)


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