Merideth Addicott works on her mural

Merideth Addicott, Ph.D., works on her art nouveau-style mural in the Central Building stairwell.

If you take the stairs in the Central Building between the G level and first floor, you’ll be rewarded with more than the benefits of getting a bit of exercise. The Get Healthy UAMS Committee recently selected three volunteer artists – two of whom are College of Medicine team members – to create murals to brighten the stairwell near the central elevators.

“I have always loved the art nouveau style and turn-of-the-century poster art,” said Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Merideth Addicott, Ph.D., who recreated a design by A. Smit that features two herons and was published in “The Art Decorator; designs in colours for art workers and amateurs” in 1907.

A mural by Shalese “Fitz” Fitzgerald, M.S., a biostatistician in the Research and Evaluation Division of the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, is like peering through the wall into another dimension. “Discrete Space 1” takes its title from a term in the mathematical realm of topology.

Wall mural art in stairwell

A mural by Department of Family and Preventive Medicine biostatistician Shalese “Fitz” Fitzgerald, M.S., is rooted in mathematical principles.

“Mathematics is really just a language of relationships – where things are in relation to each other and how one change affects another,” said Mr. Fitzgerald, who has been drawing similar structures since he was 12. He conveyed three-dimensional space in the mural by drawing lines between various points to show how they are related, and following certain spacing rules when repeating the pattern.

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