Presented by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation, through a generous donation from the Leonard Tow Family, is making it possible again this year for us to recognize humanism and compassion in the delivery of medical care.  One award will go to a faculty member and one award will go to a graduating student.  Each award will consist of a check for $2000 and a plaque ($1000 of the award money will come from the Gold Foundation and $1000 will come from the College Educational Incentive Award money).  The awardees are to be nominated by their peers using criteria noted below.  The student award will be given during Honors Convocation.  The faculty award will be given during the Faculty Award Celebration.  The criteria imply a clinical faculty member, but the Foundation places no such restrictions. Dr. Lee Archer, Dr. Joe Bissett, Dr. John Schultz, Dr. Eleanor Lipsmeyer, Dr. Michael Schmitz, Dr. Laura Hutchins, Dr. Jerry Jones, Dr. Gary Wheeler, Dr. Robert Hopkins, Dr. Joseph Chacko, Dr. John Dornhoffer, Dr. Robert Warren, Dr. Richard Jacobs, Dr. John Shock, Dr. Sara Tariq, Dr. Taranjit Sangari, Dr. Linda McGhee, Dr. Jeannette Shorey, and Dr. Michael Mancino have already won the award, and Foundation policy will not allow them to repeat.

Please vote for a faculty member who fits the following criteria:

  • Consistently demonstrates compassion and empathy in the delivery of care to patients
  • Serves as a role model – illustrates professional behavior by example-for students and colleagues
  • Is approachable and accessible to students
  • Welcomes opportunities for teaching and one-on-one mentorships with students
  • Exhibits enthusiasm and skill in professional and personal interactions with students
  • Shows respect for everyone he/she comes in contact with
  • Demonstrates cultural sensitivity in working with patients and family members of diverse ethnic or religious backgrounds
  • Displays effective communication and listening skills
  • Understands a patient’s need for interpretation of complex medical diagnosis and treatment and makes an effort to assure patient comprehension – shows respect for the patient’s viewpoint
  • Pays attention and is sensitive to the patients’ psychological well-being.
  • Effectively identifies emotional concerns of patients and family members
  • Engenders trust and confidence
  • Adheres to professional ethical standards
  • Is personally committed to objective self-evaluation of his/her own skills
  • Displays competence in scientific endeavors

Faculty members may apply for this award.  They are asked to submit a profile (no longer than 150 words) to Michaela Beard or (Slot 849) describing why you feel this person is deserving of this award. The deadline for submission is Friday, February 28th, 2020.  The Selection Committee will meet and determine the recipient of this award.