(last updated 07/20/2016)

Purpose:  This Board represents a formal mechanism whereby any person (faculty member, housestaff member, student) may obtain a review of a complaint by an impartial group.  This procedure shall not be used to question a rule, procedure or policy established by an authorized faculty or administrative body.  Rather it shall be used for a hearing and due process for those who believe that a rule, procedure or policy has been applied in an unfair or inequitable manner, or that there has been unfair or improper treatment by a person or persons.  Attempts shall be made to resolve the complaint through informal means before it is submitted to the College of Medicine Appeals Board.  If unsuccessful and deemed advisable by the Dean, a Board will be convened to hear the appeal using guidelines described in Article VIII.


Jennifer Anderson, M.D.Soheila Korourian, M.D.
Jhablall Balmakund, M.D.Jennifer Laudadio, M.D.
Saraswathy Battar, Ph.D.Robert Lavender, M.D.
Karl Boehme, Ph.D.Kristen Lienhart, M.D.
Delbra Caradine, M.D.Randy Maddox, M.D.
Jason Dare, M.D.Lorraine McKelvey, Ph.D.
Travis Eastin, M.D.Grover Paul Miller, Ph.D.
Murat Gokden, M.D.Kevin Phelan, Ph.D.
William Greenfield, M.D.Paul Prather, Ph.D.
Larry Hartzell, M.D.Sarah Tariq, M.D.
Alissa Kanaan, M.D.Sushma Thapa, M.D.
Alla Klimova, M.D.Ozlem Tulunay Ugur, M.D.