(last updated 10/31/2014)

Purpose:  The Curriculum Committee is responsible for the overall design, management, and evaluation of the medical school curriculum.  The committee works to ensure coherent and integrated policies and coordinated activities that fulfill the academic goals of the College of Medicine and are in compliance with LCME standards.

Chair: James Graham, M.D.


David Davies, Ph.D.Rebecca Latch, M.D.Chris Smith, M.D.
Alan Diekman, Ph.D.Becky Liggin, M.D.Dora Mah Smith, M.D.
Dana Gaddy, Ph.D.Paul Phillips, M.D.Lee Soderberg, Ph.D.
Jerad Gardner, M.D.Paula Podrazick, M.D.John Spollen, M.D.
Micah Hester, Ph.D.Paul Prather, Ph.D.Matthew Steliga, M.D.
Diane Jarrett, Ed.D.John Schwankhaus, M.D.Keyur Vyas, M.D.


View the Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes.