(last updated 07/01/2019)

Purpose:  This is the senior advisory committee to the Dean on all major policy decisions of the College of Medicine. It is responsible for faculty affairs between semiannual meetings of the General Faculty.

Chair: Christopher T. Westfall, M.D.


  • Lee Archer, M.D.
  • Beatrice Boateng, Ph.D.
  • Robert Bradsher, M.D.
  • James Graham, M.D.
  • Richard Harper, M.D.
  • James Marsh, M.D.
  • Richard Morrison, Ph.D.
  • Paula K. Roberson, Ph.D.
  • Nancy Rusch, Ph.D.


  • Richard P. Wheeler, M.D., F.A.C.P., Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


View the Dean’s Executive Committee Meeting Minutes.