(last updated 07/01/2019)

Purpose:  Throughout the year, the Committee reviews all requests from department chairs and free-standing division chiefs regarding the academic appointments for newly hired faculty members at the ranks of Associate Professor and Professor.  The Committee also reviews, annually, all requests from the College’s faculty members for promotion, tenure, off campus duty assignment (sabbatical), emeritus status, and distinguished professor status. The Committee will entertain requests for sabbaticals and the latter two honorary titles throughout the year as well. The Committee shall make recommendations, as appropriate, for changes in the faculty policies for appointments, promotions and tenure.  All recommendations from the Committee are submitted to the Dean.

The Committee is composed of 16 members, each of whom is a tenured professor.  The Dean appoints the committee’s members for four-year terms, making four new appointments annually.  The Dean considers the distribution of the College’s faculty across the compensated academic pathways and attempts to ensure that the Committee’s membership, by academic pathway, is proportional to that of the faculty as a whole.  Annually, the Chair-elect of the Committee is appointed by the Dean from among the four Committee members who are entering their third year of service on the Committee.  This individual serves as Chair during his/her fourth year of service on the Committee.   The Associate Dean for CME & Faculty Center serves as the Executive Secretary of the Committee and does not vote.  Members of the staff of the Faculty Center support the work of the Committee.


  • Nicholas Long, Ph.D.


  • Giulia Baldini, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Joseph G. Chacko, M.D.
  • Alan Diekman, Ph.D.
  • Eudice Fontenot, M.D.
  • Neriman Gokden, M.D.
  • Robert Hopkins, M.D.
  • Robert Lavender, M.D.
  • Jeanette Lee, Ph.D.
  • Robert (Todd) Maxson, M.D.
  • Phillip Mayeux, Ph.D.
  • Charles Napolitano, Ph.D.
  • Richard Nicholas Jr., M.D.
  • Bashir Shihabuddin, M.D.
  • John Spollen III, M.D.

Executive Secretary: 

  • Erick Messias, M.D., Ph.D.


For more information regarding Promotion & Tenure contact Brenda Burks, 501-686-7404

P&T Website:  http://medicine.uams.edu/faculty/promotion-and-tenure/

P&T Database:  https://promotiontenure.uams.edu/