(last updated 10/18/2013)

Purpose:  The purpose of this group is to study, develop and recommend new business and managerial procedures for the College of Medicine programs.  It will serve as an administrative resource group to assist with special studies, implementation and development of new programs and related activities.  It will help to improve on communications, develop new systems and procedures, train supportive types of personnel, and carry out a wide variety of services that will strengthen academic support functions.

Clinical Science Department Representatives

Chair: Mark Amox, Pediatrics


Dawn Bolt, Radiation OncologyAmanda George, Internal MedicineTina Moskow, Otolaryngology
Kelly Cloud, NeurologyColeen Habenicht, AnesthesiologyAmy Wenger, Surgery
Anthony DeJarnatt, UrologyFelecia Hancock, Physical Med. & Rehab.Mary Prince, Family & Preventive Med.
Brian Dinsmore, GeneticsElaine King, PsychiatryDeanna Stiles, Ophthalmology
Michelle DuJardin, NeurosurgerySteve Michener, Emergency MedicineKelly Suskie, Pathology
>Chris Ellis, RadiologyJessica Mitchell, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Joe Evans, DermatologyTina Moskow (Interim), Orthopaedics


Basic Science Department Representatives

Chair: Fred Goad, Pharmacology & Toxicology


Lisa Bilello, PhysiologyGigi Parkhill, Biostatistics
Laurie Costa, NeurobiologyRobin Rogers, Biomedical Informatics
Pat Crittenden, Laboratory Animal Med.Eliot Spann, Microbiology & Immunology
Iva McKinnie, Biochem. & Molecular Biology


College of Medicine Representatives:

Susan Leon, Associate Dean
Paula White, Assistant Dean