(last updated 7/01/2019)

Purpose: The Student Promotions Committee shall evaluate and make recommendations for each student in accordance with the guidelines established and approved by the faculty. The Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will serve as the permanent Chair without vote for the Student Promotions Committee. The Committee shall evaluate unusual problems and assure that the guidelines are applied in a fair and equitable manner. They shall recommend promotion, non‑promotion, probation or dismissal for cognitive (scholastic) and/or non‑cognitive (non‑scholastic) reasons. The Dean or his/her designee is responsible for the final decision. The Student Promotions Committee will also have the special responsibility of reviewing the entire academic records of senior medical students in order to ascertain that each student has met all requirements for the degree of Doctor of Medicine. This certification serves as the validation presented by the Dean of the College of Medicine to the Chair of the Board of Trustees during the Commencement ceremony.

Chair:  Richard P. Wheeler, M.D., F.A.C.P.,  Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


  • Group A
    • Martin Cannon, Ph.D.
    • Jason Y. Chang, Ph.D.
    • Rachael Freeze-Ramsey, M.D.
    • Jeanette M. Ramos, M.D.
  • Group B
    • Allison M. Shaw-Devine, M.D.
    • Steven R. Post, Ph.D.
    • Phillip Mayeux, Ph.D.
    • Nikhil K. Meena, M.D.
  • Group C
    • Neil Masangkay, M.D.
    • Steven McKee, M.D.
    • Dora Mah Smith, M.D.
    • Priya Mendiratta, M.D.