The UAMS College of Medicine is a community of scholars. First and foremost, we are dedicated to providing you, the next generation of physicians, with the best possible medical education and training.

College of Medicine class

Our curriculum is “living,” never static. It constantly evolves based on advances in biomedical knowledge. It reflects the ever-changing, increasingly data-driven medical profession and the growing body of scholarly work on medical education itself.

Our first- and second-year curricula will immerse you in engaging, active learning experiences that help you learn to think critically. Our faculty members are passionate about helping you understand the relevance of basic science to clinical practice. You will also have opportunities to participate in research with basic scientists and physician-scientists who are working to create new biomedical knowledge that transforms health care.

UAMS has long been a leader in clinical skills and simulation education, and this is emphasized throughout medical school. You will also learn that medicine is a team sport. Interdisciplinary and interprofessional experiences are the norm both in simulated clinical settings and clinical sites.

You will grow professionally and personally through ample academic and career advising, mentoring and other activities with the fellow students and faculty members of your Academic House. They’ll be there when you need them, and you will teach and mentor others in return.

The College of Medicine strives to ensure the highest quality of care for Arkansans and patients around the world – and you will play an important role in realizing this vision. Our job is to prepare you well for the science and art of practicing medicine.

Christopher Westfall, M.D.And we are committed to teaching you something more. As a physician, you will intervene in people’s lives when they are most vulnerable. It is a privilege and an incredible responsibility. As you work to become a physician, we will help you understand that the compassion you bring to every patient encounter is as vital as your knowledge and clinical skills.

Welcome to the College of Medicine.

Christopher T. Westfall, M.D.
Dean, College of Medicine