Arkansas Rural Practice Program:  The State of Arkansas provides scholarships for Arkansas residents willing to practice primary care in rural communities in Arkansas.  See the Rural Practice Programs website for more information.

Ethel Brickey Hicks Charitable Trust Rural Scholarship:  The Hicks Scholarship is offered through a private foundation to rising sophomore, junior, and senior medical students who will commit to practicing in rural communities in Arkansas.  The scholarship provides $19,000 per year and is loosely patterned after the state’s Arkansas Rural Practice Program.  Please note that students on the Rural Practice program may only apply to have their scholarship switched from the Rural Practice Program to the Hicks Scholarship if they were accepted into medical school prior to being accepted into the Rural Practice Program.  Scholarship Applications specific to this program are provided to the student body each spring by the Financial Aid Office.

Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program:  The Army, Air Force, and Navy offer scholarship programs for medical students who are willing to commit to military service.  Students interested in military scholarships should contact the appropriate recruiting officer.  Military scholarships generally cover the cost of tuition, fees, books and equipment, plus a monthly stipend.

National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program:  The Department of Health and Human Services administers a scholarship program designed to place primary care physicians in health professions shortage areas.  The National Health Service Corps Scholarship pays for tuition and fees as well as a monthly stipend.  A two-year minimum service obligation is required.  Visit the NHSC website for more information.