There are 60 Emergency Police telephones at strategic locations throughout the UAMS Campus. All Emergency Police phones are highly visible and are accessible to persons in wheelchairs. A flashing blue light on a pole marks the location. By simply opening the call box cover and picking up the receiver or pushing the red button, you have a direct line to the police dispatcher 24 hours a day for any emergency or police assistance service.

UAMS Physical Plant employs a full-time locksmith and 24-hour maintenance is available by contacting UAMS Central Control at 686-6424. The security of the campus key system is tightly controlled, with keys issued only by signed authorization of an employee’s supervisor.

Fire alarms in campus buildings are connected to a remote alarm system at UAMS Central Control. If a fire is detected in any building or on the grounds, call 686-5333. Repairs to campus buildings and grounds involving personal safety or the security of property are given priority over all others.

Some campus buildings are open at night; you are urged to give special attention to safety when using campus buildings after regular business hours. Students should not study alone in public areas and should stay in well-lighted spaces. Doors to private study and work areas should be kept locked. Exterior doors are closed and opened by UAMS Police in accordance with a schedule related to evening use of each building. To report an unlocked building or office or any security problem, call 686-7777.

For more information, visit the UAMS Police Department website.

Annual Security and Fire Report (UAMS) – By law, UAMS produces an Annual Security and Fire Report. The ASR contains information regarding campus security and personal safety. The report can be downloaded at the link or copies can be picked up at the Distribution Center 2nd Floor, 800 Cottage Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas.