Your Cost of Attendance for the upcoming academic year represents the expected amount it will cost you to attend the UAMS College of Medicine; and therefore also represents the maximum amount of financial aid you can receive from all sources (including educational loans and scholarships from outside sources). Federal regulations require each school to develop a Cost of Attendance Budget to reflect only those costs that are directly related to obtaining an education. Schools are allowed to include tuition, fees, books, equipment required of all students, and reasonable costs for food, housing, transportation, and miscellaneous living expenses.

The Association of American Medical Colleges provides some great advice for budgeting before, during and after medical school, as well as information on financing your education and managing your debt in repayment.

2019-2020 Estimated Cost of Attendance

2019-2020 Cost for Arkansas Residents (.pdf)
2019-2020 Cost for Non-Arkansas Residents (.pdf)


Cost of Attendance Increase for the Purchase of a Computer

We will allow an increase of up to $1,650 in your Cost of Attendance Budget for the purchase of a computer. You may use the computer budget adjustment at any time during your four years of medical school. Once you have used your allotment, we will not increase your budget for any more computer-related costs. Contact Student Financial Services for more information if you would like your budget increased for the purchase of a computer.