Latest News from the College of Medicine

  • UAMS to Offer Arkansas’ First-ever Radiation Oncology Residency Program

    Group picture of Fen Xia, Thomas Kim, and Ellie Dickinson

    Radiation oncology is a complex and competitive field, attracting some of the brightest medical students from across the country. Until now, however, anyone in Arkansas interested in pursuing a career in radiation oncology had to leave the state for advanced training. This summer, that will change when Arkansas’ first-ever radiation oncology residency program welcomes its…

  • Invasive Colon Cancer Caught Following Primary Care Visit

    Blake Pond and family in snow gear

    In the summer of 2016, Stuttgart native Blake Pond, 36, moved back to his home state after living in Dallas for 16 years. He, his wife, Ann, with their infant daughter, Caroline, wanted to be closer to family. So Pond accepted a position as chief of staff at the UAMS Myeloma Institute. On Oct. 5,…

  • Emotions Run High as Medical Students Match for Residency

    Students at the podium

    Tears came in all shapes and sizes at Match Day 2018 – tears of joy, tears of relief and tears from proud families. “I’m going to cry,” College of Medicine senior class President Grant Cagle said prophetically while welcoming the audience, made up of the 155 seniors who participated in the match, their families and…