Student research is a vital component of the educational mission of the College of Medicine. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to explore mentored research during the medical training and to encourage students to consider research as an integral part of their future careers.

Summer Research

Medical students will participate in 8 (to 10) weeks of research between their first and second year, mentored by faculty members in the College of Medicine or other Colleges.

Research projects may include basic science, clinical, translational, public health, medical ethics, and other topics. Students may choose from a list of faculty or may independently find a mentor and project. One full-day training on the first day of the summer break (June 1, 2020) is required to begin the summer research.

Form 1 (interest): Please fill out this form if you are interested in summer research. 

Form 2 (agreement): Will be sent out by email once you confirm a mentor and a project. Need one paragraph describing the project. Due March 31 (if receiving our stipend) or May 1 (otherwise).

HIR Stipend recipients will need to fill out W-9 and stipend forms by May 1.

Below is a listing of some internal opportunities. Click the + icon to learn more about each program.


Addiction research summer intern

Funded by NIH “Translational Training in Addiction” T32 Award, this program introduces medical students to translational drug abuse research through an in-depth, “hands on” training experience in a specific area of basic or clinical research, lectures, seminars, and completion of a project under the direction of a mentor.  Slots: 4. Contact Dr. Bill Fantegrossi or learn more on the NIDA Addiction T32 website.

Emergency Medicine

Slots: to be determined. Emergency Medicine Foundation Scholarship: Due 2/7/2020, $5000. Contact Dr. Michael Wilson


Summer Clerkship in ENT (ASCENT) is a 4-week program for students who have completed their first year of medical school at the UAMS College of Medicine. This program will be modeled after the M4 ENT elective with clinical rotations and shadowing at UAMS and Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH). In addition to clinical ENT experience, students will be paired with an Otolaryngology faculty mentor with whom they will start a research project and learn more about the academic aspect of ENT. Students will be required to give a short presentation on the otolaryngology topic of their choice at the end of the 4-week program. We are taking 3 students each year.

COM Honors in Research: We have a number of students do research in our department through this program.

Informal Research Experience and Mentorship: We also have a large number of students who do research outside of the Honors program. Our faculty is always happy to have students involved at any level, any time. We even had 2 students attend one of our research meeting this past summer several weeks before they even had orientation.

Informal Shadowing: Our faculty is open to medical students shadowing in the clinic and ORs to see what the specialty is about.

Contact Dr. Deanne King


Slots: 3-4? Contact Dr. David Bumpass

Summer in Surgery

This is a four-week program sponsored by the UAMS Department of Surgery for students to learn more about a career in surgery.  Some mentors in Summer in Surgery also conduct research. Contact Dr. Katie Kimbrough or learn more on the Department of Surgery website.


Student Research Day

In March of every year, the College of Medicine hosts a college-wide research day. All summer research participants are expected to present their research during second or third year.

This year, SRD will be on March 10, 2020. You will do a poster or 3 MT.

Posters: Abstracts are due Feb 10, 2020 at this link. Poster for printing at Creative Services is due Feb 12, 2020 but wait for more information. Size: 24 wide x 36 tall (inches).

3 MT thesis: Registration deadline Feb 17, 2020 and link. Final slides (16:9 format) due by noon Feb 21, 2020 by email to Ms. Humphries.

Requirements for Honors in Research

For details, please download Honors Class of 2023 draft.



With generous support from the Translational Research Institute and College of Medicine, we are able to provide $3,000 stipend for many students for the summer research.


Research Travel Awards

To be determined. To encourage presentation of student research in national and international meetings, travel awards are planned for select students.


External Opportunities

Medical Research Scholars Program at NIH: Download overview file and another

The University of North Carolina has a great list of other external opportunities: UNC website


Contact Us

Robert McGehee, Ph.D., Dean of the UAMS Graduate School

Sung Rhee, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology