For Medical School Applicants

Selecting a career is an important, yet difficult decision that influences the rest of your life. The information on this webpage is designed to provide you with some information on one of the most challenging occupations today, along with information on our specific College of Medicine. A career in Medicine offers a high level of personal satisfaction, prestige, economic security, and almost unlimited mobility. The field provides for teaching careers, research opportunities and public health and government service experiences. With its numerous career options, one is sure to find a viable area in which to pursue excellence.

It is crucial for students to have a broad education to prepare for the intensive studies encountered in medical school. They should be well prepared in the humanities and social sciences, cognizant of how society works, and able to communicate well. While a science or premedical degree is not required, students eventually admitted tend to be highly motivated with strong foundations in the natural sciences.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine takes pride in providing our state and the nation with well-trained physicians, researchers, and teachers who are eager and willing to face the challenging and immensely rewarding practice of medicine.

For more information, the College of Medicine Catalog is available in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat Reader). The catalog contains extensive information on application procedures, including relevant deadlines. If you need this information and are unable to download the catalog, simply contact our office.

The Director of Admissions and Recruitment is Dr. Jeanne McLachlin. If you want further information, please feel free to contact Dr. McLachlin at her e-mail address, or by phoning our offices at (501) 686-5354. Our physical mail address is: Admissions Office; University of Arkansas College of Medicine; 4301 W. Markham, # 551; Little Rock, AR 72205

When you apply to the College, and we send you a supplemental application, you will receive a form concerning residency status. If you would like to look at that policy, and/or you need a residency status form to fill out, please contact this office.

A wonderful general information source about medicine as a career is the Aspiring Docs website. It is a free website designed to help students who are thinking about medical school, or who have decided to apply to medical school. It was created by the Association of American Medical Colleges and provides information on careers in medicine, how to understand the application process, how to prepare for the MCAT, how to apply for financial aid, and some information on the various career options available in medicine. It is not specific to the University of Arkansas College of Medicine but should be of interest to anyone thinking about a career in medicine.